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We provide a large array of employment services and wage them from professor to laborers, engineers to doctors to meet the need of local market within the state of Kuwait and the Gulf Corporation Council.

We are not limited to the Arab world, but we attract the best professional employment from and to all over like : Philippine, Egypt, Nepal, morocco, Jordan, Ghana, Czech, China Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Tunnis, Africa, Pakistan & Europe Country through our associates offices branches all over the world by selecting the right candidates according to their experiences and qualifications. We have a well-known reputation by choosing the cream of man power for the various wanted positions. For instance managers and executives, security guards, bilingual secretaries, administrative staff, computer operators, project workers, driver’s accountants, store keeper, sales professionals, craftsman and so on.

If so some of them wanted or required in a position or job, we screen candidates to guarantee the performance of each one of them. Furthermore we may help in the up gradation of the interviewers by holding training courses or programs for them in consultation centers in private or public institutes or universities or vocational syndicate.

Finally we assure that Alhumrani Group is the best solution to your manpower requirements to your door step without paying any Diner (free expenses). We aim to provide you with the best services and avoiding you expenses and communication problems; whereas our company tolerates all expenses costs of bringing manpower to your door step freely. So we get our shares of money from the candidates employers according to special agreements.

For further information please email us at: recruitment@humranigroup.com

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